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Do you want to be part of our team?

We are always looking for other skilled cleaners! is a cooperative organization of skilled cleaners with their own company!
If you are a devoted and skilled cleaner, you will have the opportunity to be part of our Team.
Together we will work for a good name and reputation!
As self employed, you earn better than if working for a company.
If joining our team, you will have access to a long range of tools for supporting your company here in Norway. gives you a support for your customers in Norwegian.
You also have access to temporary worker solutions, customer follow-up and marketing for new clients

Benefits for skilled and dedicated cleaners:

There are many advantages to be independent.
People who are skilled and motivated, have the opportunity to earn far more as an independent.
Working hard and effective for an employer, increased earnings for the employer. As independent, this immediately leads to higher salary!


Normally contracs is priced at an hourly rate at NOK 290, - excl VAT.
The hour is a calculated averange for time used by a normal worker.
Of the 290, - NOK per hour, 30,- NOK goes to the administration.
The worker receive 260,- NOK an hour.
If working faster than average, but still does a great job, the actually salary is higher!
One must also remember that it also apply some costs, such as equipment, chemicals, accounting, telephone, etc.
Either way, the hourly earnings are higher than if just a normal employee! Customer will also save big on dealing directly with the cleaner! Combined with the administration of, it is easier to get new clients.
Assignments obtained by the cleaning itself, has only 2.5% charge for administration!


By partnering with, you get access to an administration.
The administration can help a lot. eg:
-Help to start your own company
-Training In new cleaning tasks
-Consulting in the selection of equipment
-Lending agreements of equipment for special tasks
-Getting new customers
-Customer followup
-Follow-up of clients
-Temporary worker network in case of illness
-Entries on this site and others, with photos and information for marketing
And much much more.


It costs nothing to start up as a cleaner for
The intention is that it should be easy and beneficial to be a part of us!
The cost only start when you get payments from customers that comes from and that give support and assistance for.
For missions that obtained by the cleaning itself, it will be a fixed% of 2.5 to administration. But then again, you will have the opportunity to marketing your own company as a part of
For fixed contracts provided by, administration cost is NOK 30, - per estimated labor hours. It is responsibility that the mission has the correct hour calculation.
Normally, the cleaner also buy the fixed contracts. This is a direct marketing expenses and paid only one time per assignment. If you wish to retire later as a cleaner, you will be able to sell your contracts to another cleaner for the same price. (Must be a cleaner related to
Cleaners doing bad jobs and destroying the other cleaners reputation, will not get money back if customer terminates or the contracts is terminated by
We are only looking for dedicated and skilled cleaners!


By registering here, you will be able to get more information and possibly a meeting where we can take all questions and set up a plan to have you started!
We recommend that you make a user before filling the form.